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Thank you for visiting the site of St. Louis author, Elizabeth A. Miller. Below are quick links to more information about all of Elizabeth's novels and trivia books. Fans of regency romance, westerns, mystery, movies, classic tv and history are sure to find something to enjoy among her vareity of fiction and non-fiction titles.
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NON-FICTION> Trivia Books...

Find fun for everyone with these specially themed trivia books! Challenge yourself and your family or friends with entertaining books about U.S. presidents, movie musicals, classic TV shows and film genres or specially-themed party games. You'll find scores of fun questions and answers with the wide variety of quizes in these books including word puzzles, riddles, match-ups, multiple choice, mystery stars and more! Perfect for groups or solo solving, you're certain to find fun while you learn with any of these fascinating trivia books!

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The All-American Presidents Trivia Book The BIG Book of TV Western Trivia The Fun Book of TV Trivia The Ultimate Party Games Book The Reel Musical Fan's Trivia Book  The Reel Musical Fan's Trivia Book II Hollywood's Greatest Movies Trivia Book

FICTION> Western Romance

A western family saga, The Copper Creek Series is an engaging four-part historical western romance with wholesome themes and memorable characters. Come home to Copper Creek, a small MIssouri town with a captivating story to tell of faith, family, friendship, romance and mystery.

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Secrets of the Stream -  Book I Ripples in the Stream - Book II Memories by the Stream - Book III Crossroads at the Stream - Book IV Copper Creek Chronicles - Complete Series Set

FICTION > Western Romance

A heart-warming frontier romance, The Mysterious Miner's Legacy and Bonds of Betrayal are the exciting prequel to the Copper Creek Series about the small Missouri town of Copper Creek and the secret that shapes the lives of so many of its residents. A tale of hearbreak, faith, courage and redemption, the Copper Creek Tales begin the wholesome, western saga fans of this award-worthy series can't get enough of.

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The Mysterious Miner's Legacy - Book I Bonds of Betrayal - Book II

FICTION > Mystery

Follow the suspense-filled cases of female detectives in this dynamic three-part historical mystery series. Centered on the cases of famed detective Allan Pinkerton's Female Detective's Bureau, The Pinkerton Detective Series, blends cozy romance with suspense, mystery and historical facts pertaining to such luminary figures as Abraham Lincoln, Billy the Kid and James Garfield.

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A  Pink Lady - Book I Pink Revenge - Book II The Pink Traitor - Book III Pink Pursuits - Complete Series Set

FICTION > Regency Romance

The destiny of a gypsy and the duty of a gentleman spark a dangerous romance amid one of England's darkest struggles in A Tent in the Wind; a suspenseful tale of forbidden love, rich historical detail, cunning betrayal, endearing family ties and intriguing gypsy lore.

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A Tent in the Wind

About Elizabeth's Books...

All of Elizabeth's novels were written to be wholesome entertainment for readers of any age. Whether romance, mystery, western or regency, each of her books offers readers an engaging tale about interesting people in a historic setting. Elizabeth's series also provide her readers the chance to escape to a simpler time or belong to a close-knit community as they become involved with the people and places captured among the pages.

The trivia books were created to allow fans of westerns, musicals, movies TV or history to indulge their passion for a particular genre or hobby and create hours of fun for individuals and/or groups interested in testing their knowledge of these specific topics.

Most of Elizabeth’s books are available in both paperback and ebook formats with the exception of the trivia books which are only in paperbacks and the series book sets, Copper Creek Chronicles and Pink Pursuits which are exclusively ebooks. Elizabeth’s books can be purchased in either format through the links provided on the individual book pages from  amazon, Smashwords or Barnes and Nobel.

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