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My name is Elizabeth Miller and I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my author site. Writing has been a life long ambition for me and I hope the stories you will find here will serve as you passport to exciting new places, interesting people and fascinating discoveries.

 I have often felt there is nothing more essential to life than books. As an avid reader or fellow writer, I'm sure you must feel the same. Books teach us about ourselves in so many ways. They can recreate the past, enliven the present and predict the future. They invite us into new realms, new possibilities, where we can leave our own reality behind for a while and become anything we want to be. I hope the stories you will find here can do that for you.

Click on any of the links below to learn more about my books of romance, detectives, mysteries, western family life, gypsies and trivia.

Follow the Suspense-Filled Cases of Female Detectives
in the Pinkerton Detective Books Series...

This dynamic three-book detective mystery series by Elizabeth A. Miller focuses on the cases of Allan Pinkerton’s Female Detective’s Bureau during the 1880s. Blending cozy romance with suspense, mystery and historical facts pertaining to the assassination of President Garfield, the capture of Billy the Kid, the exploits of a flamboyant Mexican bandit and a failed attempt to murder Abraham Lincoln before his inauguration, this award-worthy detective series offers something for everyone.

A Pink Lady
Pinkerton Series - Book 1
Placeholder Picture One Woman Against
an Assassin's Bullet...
Pink Revenge
Pinkerton Series - Book 2
Placeholder Picture Doomed by Her
Obsession for Revenge...
The Pink Traitor
Pinkerton Series - Book 3
Placeholder Picture An Act of Treason That
Changed  History...
Pink Pursuits
Pinkerton Detective Set
Placeholder Picture All 3 Engaging Novels  from the Pinkerton Series in One Book...

If you enjoy reading historical fiction, wholesome romance, mystery novels, or female detective tales, you’re sure to enjoy all the books in
The Pinkerton Detective Series: A Pink Lady, Pink Revenge and The Pink Traitor.
Get all three exciting novels together in one volume with Pink Pursuits, The Pinkerton Detective Series compilation.

Cozy Up With Heart-Warming Tales of 1880’s Western Family Life,
Romance and Mystery in the Copper Creek Book Series...

 A western family saga, The Copper Creek Series of books by Missouri author, Elizabeth A. Miller beckons readers home to a small town with a captivating story of faith, family, friendship, romance, mystery and more. These wholesome stories of romance and mystery delve into the long-hidden secrets of Copper Creek’s most influential residents, the Randolph’s, whose lives become unsettled when a series of strangers arrive in town. Their presence leads to serious questions exposing greedy deeds, past indiscretions, deception and revenge, causing profound change in their rural community and sparking more than one unexpected romance for members of the Randolph family.

If you’re looking for an engaging historical western  with wholesome themes and memorable characters, you’re sure to want to read the Copper Creek Series.
Click on  Secrets of the Stream, Ripples in the Stream, Memories by the Stream or Crossroads at the Stream above
to find out more about these small-town tales of romance and family life in the 1880’s.  
Get all four delightful tales together in one volume with Copper Creek Chronicles, the Copper Creek Series compilation shown below.

Copper Creek Chronicles
Copper Creek Set
Placeholder Picture All 4 Exciting Novels from the 
Copper Creek Series in one Book...

Enjoy More of the Copper Creek Historical Western Series...

The Mysterious Miner’s Legacy by Elizabeth A. Miller is an exciting prequel to the Copper Creek Book Series. Set in Missouri during the earliest days of a mining town called Copper Creek, this historical romantic mystery is a tale of heartbreak, faith, courage and redemption.

Like all the books in the Copper Creek western family saga series, this wholesome story of mystery and romance provides historical detail, suspense, mystery and romantic complications as the characters search for answers to the legend behind Copper Creek’s name and the identity of its most enigmatic former resident, the mysterious miner.

If you’re a fan of westerns, cozy romance, and wholesome fiction, The Mysterious Miner’s Legacy offers everything you’re looking for in a novel. Click on the book cover to learn more about this engaging story.

The Mysterious Miner's Legacy
Copper Creek Series Prequel
Placeholder Picture A Past Tragedy Threatned her
Hope for the Future...

The Destiny of a Gentleman and the Duty of a Gypsy
Spark a Dangerous Romance Amid One of England's Darkest Struggles...

A cozy regency romance novel, A Tent in the Wind, is a suspenseful tale of forbidden love, rich historical detail, cunning betrayal, endearing family ties and intriguing gypsy lore. Set among the rustic vardos of a gypsy camp and the rich estates of England’s nobles, this compelling work of fiction spins a story of loyalty and love sparked by the dangerous alliance of a nobleman determined to exonerate a friend and a young gypsy woman bound to become a leader among her people.

Forced together by the theft of a sacred gypsy relic and the veracity of seditious plot to free Napoleon from his exile on Elba, Lord Alec Adair and Kara join forces to bring about their separate aims, but soon find themselves bound to one another by unyielding passions. Yet, in order to save what they hold dear, they will have to make an impossible choice between duty and desire.

An intriguing regency romance, A Tent in the Wind offers readers a compelling tale of gypsy life, lore and the regency genre. Click on the book cover to learn more about the novel.

A Tent in The Wind
A Regency Romance
Placeholder Picture Their Lives Were Never
Meant to Intertwine...

Find Games and Trivia Fun for Every Party...

Challenge yourself and your family and friends with these entertaining books of movie musical trivia and specially-themed party games. Find scores of questions and answers perfect for any party with a wide variety of games from word puzzles, riddles, match-ups, multiple choice, mysteries and more.

The Reel Musical Fan's
Trivia Book
Placeholder Picture Fun Movie Musical Trivia
for Fans of All Ages...

Fans of movie musicals won’t want to miss out on the informative history of the movie musical provided in The Reel Musical Fans Trivia Book,along with dozens of trivia games about movie musicals. Test your knowledge of everything from musical stars, to songs, characters, titles, and more.

Party planners with a special theme in mind for their next gathering will want to check out The Ultimate Party Games Book. Full of games for specific party themes like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bridal or Baby Showers, Christmas, Halloween and Oscar Night, Luaus, Cowboys, Pirates, Safari’s and more!

No matter the occasion you’ll find fun ways to entertain with the trivia games available in The Reel Musical Fan’s Trivia Book and The Ultimate Party Games Book. Click on either of the book titles or covers to learn more.

The Ultimate Party 
Games Book
Placeholder Picture Specially Themed Party Games
for A Variety of Occasions...

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