Books teach us about ourselves in so many ways. They can recreate the past, enliven the present and predict the
future. They invite us into new realms, new possibilities, where we can leave our own reality behind for a while and
become anything we want to be. I hope the stories you will find here can do that for you.

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The Reel Musical Fan's
Trivia Book
Fun for fans of all ages!
My name is Elizabeth Miller and I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my author site.
Writing has been a life long ambition for me and I hope the stories you will find here will serve
as you passport to exciting new places, interesting people and fascinating discoveries.

I have often felt there is nothing more essential to life than books. As an avid reader or fellow
writer, I'm sure you must feel the same.
The Ultimate Party Games Book
The Copper Creek Series:
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Loosely based on real female Pinkerton detectives, this series, set in 1881, follows new recurit Amanda Brown, as she
attempts to manage the perils of her new profession with her personal life. Friendship, romance, betrayal and revenge
weave through three cases involving factual historical plots including the assassination of President Garfield, a train
stock swindle, Billy the Kid and the Baltimore Plot.
A compliation of dozens of
trivia quizzes about movie
musicals, this book is great for
parties, family game night or just
to test your own knowledge.
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A Tent in the Wind:
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The lives of a gypsy and a gadjo could not mix; for one to love the other was
inconceivable, reckless…deadly. But when a growing conspiracy to free
Napoleon Bonaparte instigates a search for the traitorous Lord Geoffrey
DeMane, the temptation of such a forbidden romance becomes an
inescapable reality... Read More
Travel back in time to the small Midwestern town of Copper Creek, Missouri and join the Randolph family as they
encounter betrayal, greed, true love and lasting friendships. Relying on a firm foundation of faith, follow this colorful
array of characters through the most eventful year of their lives.
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The Pinkerton Detective Series:
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Nonfiction Picks:
The Mysterious Miner's Legacy:
A prequel to the Copper Creek Series of novels, The
Mysterious Miner's Legacy, goes back to Copper Creek's
early beginning to tell a tale of heartbreak, faith, courage,
and redemption. With insight into the lives of pivotal
characters from the original series and introductions to new
members of the town, this novel adds more depth and color
to an already compelling family saga...Read More
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