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The Fun Book of TV Trivia

Classic TV Trivia

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Published: Innovative Writing Works 2021
Pages: 231
Category: Non- Fiction> Trivia
Non-Fiction> Televison Trivia
Non-FIction> Games
Paperback Price: $12.98
Amazon Rating: 4 stars
Goodreads Rating: None

Reader Reviews:

"A fun assortment of games about a lot of different shows." - Jim 

"Great mix of games. Kept me playing." - Erin

"Really enjoyed playing along with all my favorite old shows." - Julie

"Never knew there were so many shows. Covers lots of parts of many series. I liked it." - Matt W.

What's Your Favorite TV Show?

Chances are you’ll find it along with the other television programs you remember best in The Fun Book of TV Trivia. Filled with a variety of word games inspired by more than six decades of series and every type of show, this comprehensive trivia book was designed for TV fans everywhere.
If you love game shows, soap operas, comedies, variety shows, detectives, spies, private eyes, sci-fi series, westerns or cartoons there’s a quiz for you inside.
The Fun Book of TV Trivia lets you:

Word jumbles, fill-ins, match-ups and multiple choice quizzes span this big book about everything “television” including a special tribute section to some of TV’s best game shows that give you the chance to play along with JEOPARDY!, Password, Family Feud and others.

With The Fun Book of TV Trivia you can travel through the channels, across the decades and back to those shows that were so special to all of us we couldn’t imagine being without them.

No matter where you fall on the fan spectrum, you’re sure to have a blast revisiting series both past and present while learning a bit more about your favorite shows. A Brief History about television’s development through the years is also included with the 140 specially-themed quizzes that make this trivia book a must have for TV fans everywhere!

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