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The BIG Book of TV Western Trivia

TV Western Trivia

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Published: Innovative Writing Works 2020
Pages: 142
Category: Non- Fiction> Trivia
Non-Fiction> Televison Trivia
Non-FIction> Western Trivia
Paperback Price: $12.89
Amazon Rating: 4.5 stars
Goodreads Rating: None

Reader Reviews:

"A nice gift with a good assortment of games plus interesting facts." - Charles R.

"Well-written and organized. Clever variety of games covering EVERYTHING about popular TV Western shows." - Mike

"Good mix of reference material and fun games." - Kathy

"Five-star fun." - Richard

Round-Up a Whole Lot of Fun for Every TV Western Fan...

Of all the programs broadcast during the earliest days of television, the Western was undoubtedly the most popular and prolific. For over three decades, heroes and heroines of the Old West saddled-up each week to keep America entertained while taking a nostalgic look back at the nation’s history. Now, fans of the TV Western can learn more about their favorite shows, while putting their knowledge of the genre to the test with The Big Book of TV Western Trivia.

Providing a brief history of TV Westerns, The Big Book of TV Western Trivia also contains dozens of little-known trivia tidbits about Western shows and stars, plus a wide variety of themed word games on everythingfrom show plots, titles, and settings, to stars, characters, theme songs and more!

Play these short, fun, word games on your own, or in groups of two or more, as you try to wrangle the answers to questions like:

When you’ve reached the end of the trail, tally your score to find out if you’re a genuine “rip-roarin’ buckaroo” or just an “ordinary greenhorn”, as you remember or perhaps discover reasons why these shows were so very special.

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