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A Tent in the Wind

Regency Romance

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Published: Innovative Writing Works 2014
Pages: 256
Category: Fiction> Romance> Historical 
Fiction> Romance> Mystery
Ebook Price: $2.99
Paperback Price: $10.95
Amazon Rating: 4.5 stars
Goodreads Rating: 4.38 avg. (out of 5)

Reader Reviews:

"I loved it. A fun, historical mystery with a love story in it. Wish the story continued in more novels." - Cris W.

"Gypsy lore, forbidden romance, betrayal, treason and mystery in a regency setting. One WOW of a story." - Marie

"Liked all the relationships in the story and the little tidbits of gypsy lore and historical detail" – Theresa R.

Their Lives Were Never Meant to Intertwine...

Kara had always been proud of her gypsy heritage. Destined to follow her grandmother as a great drabarni, she never imagined any life other than one of freedom beneath a tent in the wind. But after her foolish dalliance with Lord Geoffrey DeMane last year, she’d narrowly escaped the punishment of banishment or death, required by her people. Geoffrey’s sudden and prolonged departure was the only thing that had spared her such a cruel fate. Or so she thought, until his unexpected return introduced a new complication into her life – Alec Adair.

A former soldier and Geoffrey DeMane’s closest friend, Lord Alec Adair expected his life of privilege and pleasure would continue indefinitely in the same regimented rut. That is until his promise to help exonerate Geoffrey from a charge of treason hurtles him into Kara’s path. Torn between duty and desire, his allegiance to Geoffrey is gradually diminished by a sense of responsibility to protect Kara from further heartbreak.

Kara also finds her loyalties divided when she is forced to choose between protecting her family and loving Alec Adair. Wanting to save her people from persecution, but unable to give up her feelings for Alec, she is drawn into a forbidden romance far more dangerous than the intrigue that brought her and Alec together.
Finding themselves unwittingly caught up in a scheme to restore Napoleon Bonaparte to power, Alec and Kara embark on a struggle to save a precious gypsy relic, unmask a national traitor, and solve a family mystery. But before they can triumph, they must sacrifice everything they thought they were to embrace a love neither dared to imagine.

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