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The Reel Musical Fan's Trivia Book II

Movie Musicals Trivia - Book II

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Published: Innovative Writing Works 2020
Pages: 160
Category: Non- Fiction> Trivia
Non-Fiction> Musicals
Paperback Price: $9.87
Amazon Rating: 4 stars
Goodreads Rating: None

Reader Reviews:

"Satisfying blend of musical history and trivia games. Good variety." - Mary H.

"Had fun while I was learning. Challenging games but not too hard for a real fan." - Jan

"Lots of fun. Made a great gift for my mom. She just loved it." - Anna.

An Encore of Fun for Every Movie Musical Fan...

Put your knowledge of all things “musical” to the test with this totally new collection of movie musical trivia games.
Learn about the composers and lyricists who wrote some of the genres most beloved songs. Explore an updated list of movie musicals. Discover little known facts about some of your favorite musical stars and shows. Then have fun with the wide variety of themed games contained in this brand-new follow-up edition of The Reel Musical Fan’s Trivia Book. Test your memory alone or in groups about musical titles, stars, characters, songs, and more. Tally your score and see where you rank on the movie musical fan scale to prove how truly “musical” you are.

For every fan of musicals, this book is the perfect way to indulge a passion for those glorious words and lilting melodies that linger on even after the show has ended. If you loved the first Reel Musical Fan’s Trivia Book you’ll find more to love here with updated questions to familiar games like:

Those unfamiliar with the first book are also sure to find something special as they discover the series of new games contained only in book two including:

Apart from watching a musical, there never was a better way for fans to enjoy their favorite shows than to play the games in The Reel Musical Fan’s Trivia Book II. So show off your movie musical prowess. Tune up your “memory” box. Gather some fellow musical enthusiasts and start having fun today!

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