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Hollywood's Greatest Movies Trivia Book

130+ Quizzes About Classic Film Favorities

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Published: Innovative Writing Works 2022
Pages: 245
Category: Non- Fiction> Trivia
Non-Fiction> Movie Trivia
Non-FIction> Games
Paperback Price: $12.98
Amazon Rating: 5 stars
Goodreads Rating: None

Reader Reviews:

"A thorough look at a lot of different flicks. Really liked the way the games organized them and brought the movies alive." - Bill 

"Lots of great word puzzles and themed games about all kinds of movies." - Denise

"Made a great gift for my husband. We liked playing along together." - Megan

"The variety of games and films covered in the book kept things interesting. I learned a bit while having a good time." - John M.

What's Your Favorite Movie?

Chances are you’ll find it along with the other films you remember best in Hollywood’s Greatest Movies Trivia Book. Filled with a variety of word games inspired by the most honored and beloved movies in history, this comprehensive trivia book was designed for movie fans everywhere.
If you love mysteries, westerns, musicals, fantasies, dramas, comedies, love stories, animated features, noir tales or Oscar winners, there’s a quiz for you inside.
Hollywood’s Greatest Movies Trivia Book lets you:

Word jumbles, fill-ins, match-ups, anagrams, cryptograms and multiple-choice quizzes created for specific movie themes span this big book about hundreds of classic movies. You’ll also have the chance to show how much you know about a specific film with special “Spotlight Series” and “Feature Films” quizzes spread throughout the book to honor the biggest and best films to appear on the big screen including:

But no matter where you fall on the fan spectrum, you’re sure to have a blast playing these fun, simple trivia games about movies both past and present. So go ahead, indulge your inner film fanatic. Travel back through time and history to revisit the films that mean so much to so many of us through the more than 130 unique and informative quizzes that make up Hollywood’s Greatest Movies Trivia Book. It’s is a feature attraction for fans of all ages!

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