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The Mysterious Miner's Legacy Book Club Discussion Questions...

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1. How would you describe Amy Kent? Is she the type of person you’d want to associate with? Why or why not?

2. Discuss Amy’s relationship with her father. How do you think it influenced Amy’s life, decisions, actions. What role do parent/child relationships play in all our lives?

3. How did you react when you learned about George Mason’s duplicity? How would you have reacted to him, if you were in Amy’s place?

4. Have you ever known a friend like Earl Garrety? Do you think it is possible to have a friend who would go to such lengths to help you? Why or why not? Discuss the importance of friendships.

5. Which relationship in Amy’s life do you think was the most influential on her? (Amy and her father, Amy and Earl, Amy and George Mason, or Amy and Luke Owens).Which was the most devastating? Which was the most important? Why?

6. What do you think was the major theme of the novel?

7. Who was your favorite character? Who was your least favorite character and why? Was there any character you strongly identified with? Any character that reminded you of someone you know?

8. Was there any incident in the novel that resonated with your own life experiences. Any you felt were particularly endearing or any you found completely unbelievable? Discuss.

9. What, if anything, would you have changed about the story?

10. What will you remember most about this novel?

11. What do you think was the mysterious miner’s true legacy and why?

12. How did you feel about the end of the novel? Should Amy have handled things with Michael the way she did? Would you have done the same in her place? Was she wrong to leave Copper Creek or should she have stayed and insisted that Michael pay for helping George Mason?

13. Do you have any expectations about what will happen next for Amy, Luke, or George. Describe.

14. Did you find the conflicts in the book to be exciting/engaging? Describe what most captured your attention? Were there any plot points you thought were weak or unlikely? Explain.

15. If you could ask the author any question about any aspect of this novel, what would it be?

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