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Pink Revenge Book Club Discussion Questions...

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1. Which character made the most profound impression on you (either positive or negative) and why?

2. When Amanda confessed her fears about Mrs. Webster to Chris, did it change your opinion of her? How do those feelings influence her character? Explain.

3. Do you think Mrs. Webster's determination to stay in Washington D.C. and get even with Amanda was foolish or inevitable based on what you learned about her character?

4. In your opinon, did Penny Newlan have any cause to be angry with Amanda? How do you feel Amanda handled the situation?

5. Were Chris and Amanda wrong to forge a partnership with Jonathan and Miguel considering Chris' early suspisions or was their decision a good stragegy?

6. Which of Christopher Garrety's traits did you find the most loveable/desirable? Which traits were the least desirable?

7. Of all the minor characters (e.g. Penny Newlan, Mercedes Vasquez, Eric Masterson, Chucho el Roto, etc.) which do you think played the most vital role in the developing the story and why?

8. If you were in Penny's place, would you have disobeyed Mr. Pinkerton to warn Amanda or not?

9. What was your reaction to Penny and David's romance? Do they make a good couple/ family? What obstacles, if any, do you see for them?

10. Did you learn anything new about Mexico, the Pinkertons, or any other historical point after reading this novel? Explain.

11. What do you think was Hannah's and/or Amanda's biggest mistake?

12. Was Jonathan Webster justifed in his need for revenge? Is there any situation where revenge would be justifiable? Explain.

13. Do you believe Chris was right in the way he reacted to Amanda's kidnapping? How would you have handled the situation?

14. Do you think Jonathan Webster really wants to murder Hannah? How do you think their story will end?

15. What part of the story did you think was the most exciting? Which was the least exciting? Why?

16. Were you disappointed with the outcome of the novel? Why or why not?

17. Was there anything about the plot or characters you found confusing? Any occurrences you thought unlikely or unrealistic? Anything you felt seemed especially real or poignant?

18. Did any passage or quote particularly resonate with you or an experience you've had?

19. Which conflict in the novel did you find the most difficult to accept? Which resonated the most with your own experiences?

20. What will you remember most about this book?

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