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Copper Creek Chronicles Book Club Discussion Questions...

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1. After reading the complete Copper Creek Series in the Copper Creek Chronicles, what do you think were the main themes or lessons conveyed by the story?

2. Do you think the titles conveyed the essence of each book? If so, how?

3. What did you think about the writing style of the novels?

4. Of all the couples in the series (Jane & Henry, Olivia & Simon, Ben & Rachel, Ruth & Richard), which was your favorite and why?

5. What is your overall impression of Copper Creek? Is it a place you would want to live? Did the people seem real?

6. Which conflict, in any of the four books, did you find the most difficult to accept? Which resonated the most with your own experiences?

7. Which incident, in any of the four books, did you find the most heartening or endearing?

8. Which character did you hate the most and why?

9. Considering every character in the series, which one did you most identify with? Why?

10. What, if anything, would you have changed about the story?

11. Did any particular passage or quote hold special meaning for you?

12. What surprised you the most about the series? What disappointed you?

13. What do you think will happen next in Copper Creek? Do you think the series should continue?

14. What will you remember most about this series?

15. If you could ask the author any question about Copper Creek or its inhabitants, what would it be?

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