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Bonds of Betrayal Book Club Discussion Questions...

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1. Do you think the title of the book matches the themes of the novel? What were the betrayals you recognized? How did those betrayals affect one another or did they have no affect on each other?

2. Discuss Amy’s relationships with the men in her life (Earl, Luke, George, her father). How do you think these relationships influenced her character and self-image?

3. What sort of person do you think Amy Kent is? Is she someone you like? Someone you’d want to know? Why or why not?

4. In Amy’s place, how would you have reacted to the Owens’ family crisis? Would you have followed Luke to Sulfur Springs? Would you have done anything differently from Amy?

5. Discuss Luke and Mark’s relationship. Is it a typical sibling relationship? Did they expect too much of each other? Too little? Did their connection feel real to you? What did you think was the most telling incident about their feelings for one another?

6. What are George Mason’s motives for continuing to hound Amy? Is it pure hatred? Jealousy? Frustrated love? Or something else? Do you think he can ever be satisfied with life without using others? What would you predict he has planned for the future?

7. What was your reaction to McDade’s deception? Was he right to help Mason? Did he do the “greater good” or was he a fool? Explain.

8. Of all the relationships in the novel (romantic, familial, friendships) which did you most enjoy reading about or seeing develop?

9. Who do you think committed the biggest betrayal and why?

10. Who do you think was the most honorable in the way he/she acted?

11. Which incident in the story did you find the most heartening or endearing? Why?

12. Did any passage or incident in the novel particularly speak to you or an experience you’ve had? Explain.

13. Was there a part of the story that particularly surprised you? Describe and explain why.

14. What do you think was the climax of the novel and why?

15. What, if anything, would you have changed about this story?

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