The Ultimate Party GamesBook
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Published: 2017 Innovative Writing Works
Category: Nonfiction/Games/Trivia/ Movie Musicals
Pages: 160
Finding new and engaging ways to amuse guests at a party or shower just got easier thanks to
The Ultimate Party Games Book. With specially written word puzzles, riddles and trivia games,
for over a dozen different party themes, you can offer a diverse selection of entertainment at your
next celebration. This book also offers helpful suggestions to modify the games inside to better suit
your needs or to personalize certain games to make them even more fun for your company.

No matter the occasion,
The Ultimate Party Games Book can supply a variety of quizzes to
engage any number of players in party-themed fun. Choose from themes like:
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Famous Pairs - Legends
Directions: Fill-in the name that completes the duo in one minute or less.
1. Robin Hood and ____________________

2. Tristan and _________________________

3. Lancelot and _______________________

4. Paris and _________________________

5. Orpheus and ________________________

African Safari
Baby Shower
Bridal Shower
Hawaiian Luau
Mexican Fiesta
Oscar Night
Play against the clock in groups or one on one. Tally scores and award theme-related prizes. It's all
up to you. But no matter what sort of festivities you have in mind,
The Ultimate Party Games
can help you host a memorable party with exciting games to match the occasion.

Get out your pencils and gather up your friends to find out who knows the most about:
Animal Facts
Famous Pairs
Songs in Other Words
Who Am I?
Best Actor Oscar Winners
When I Was a Bride…
Movie and Character Match-up
Common Links
What Are You Afraid Of?
Mystery Figures
Talk Like A Pirate
Power of the GODS
Nursery Rhymes
As They Say in France…
John Wayne Roles
And Much More!
Three of a Kind
Directions: Three different kinds of a thing often used to celebrate Christmas
are listed together below. Identify the common link all three share.
1. Cardigan, Pullover, V-neck ____________________

2. Bars, Ingots, Doubloons ____________________

3. Poinsettia, Mums, Gloxyiana ____________________

4. Waltz, Gavotte, Jig ____________________

5. Jade, Lime, Spruce ____________________

6. Snare, Kettle, Bongo ____________________
Example: Vanilla Bean, Neapolitan, Rocky Road
Answer: Ice Cream
Halloween Riddles
The riddles below contain clues to a compound word having to do with
Halloween. Try to decipher the parts of the answer by decoding the lines in
bold, then combine these individual words to get your final answer.
One is a cut edge turned under and sewn down.
The other secures every door in town.

But together they bind in a more permanent way.
When taken within, you'll have lived your last day.

ANSWER: ____________________________
1. Robin Hood and Maid Marian
2. Tristan and Isolde
3. Lancelot and Guinevere
4. Paris and Helen
5. Orpheus and Eurydice
1. Cardigan, Pullover, V-neck: SWEATER
2. Bars, Ingots, Doubloons: GOLD
3. Poinsettia, Mums, Gloxyiana: FLOWERS
4. Waltz, Gavotte, Jig: DANCES
5. Jade, Lime, Spruce: GREEN
6. Snare, Kettle, Bongo: DRUM
hem + lock = hemlock
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