The Pink Traitor
ISBN: (13): 9781535440288 / (10): 1535440278
Published: 2016 Innovative Writing Works
Category: Fiction/Mystery& Detective/Women Sleuths
Pages: 242
In 1861, rumors of a conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln shrouded his inaugural journey to the
Capitol in fear and suspicion. Hired to safeguard Lincoln and the PW&B Railroad, famed detective
Allan Pinkerton launched an undercover operation in and around Baltimore during the weeks prior
to Lincoln's arrival. Though he succeeded in preventing a plot to murder the future president, the
celebrated spy failed to identify the traitor among his own ranks involved in facilitating the
conspiracy. That single oversight sowed bitter seeds of destruction and revenge, which would come
to fruition twenty years later with the arrest of Hannah Webster.

Once the protégé and successor of the renowned Pinkerton agent Kate Warne, Hannah Webster
was coming home to America in disgrace. Exposed as a traitor, Mrs. Webster's recent arrest in
Mexico by her former colleagues left her with little hope. But when her estranged husband's plot for
vengeance derails her journey to the States for trial, she faces a far more sinister fate than the
hangman's rope.

Determined to make Hannah pay for betraying him, Jonathan Webster kidnaps one of his wife's
guards, operative Amanda Brown. Intending to blackmail Allan Pinkerton into a prisoner exchange,
Jonathan's abduction scheme prompts Amanda's fellow agents to take matters into their own hands.
But their defiance of Pinkerton's orders, in a dangerous gambit to save Amanda, only serves to
facilitate the Webster's private war; a war sparked long ago by their involvement with a seditious,
secret society known as the Knights of the Golden Circle.

As fate draws Hannah and Jonathan into a final confrontation over divided loyalties and broken
allegiances, the deceptions they began in Baltimore more than two decades ago threatens to destroy
much more than the lives of two embittered lovers. Only bold action by a new generation of
Pinkerton operatives has any chance of rectifying the past, if they are brave enough to try.

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The Pink Traitor
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engrossing series"
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How Amanda's story began...
Wendy P.
Hannah shifted restlessly on the rough wooden crate serving as her chair and clenched her fists,
causing the shackles around her wrists to rattle. Her cold, hazel eyes narrowed angrily, emphasizing
the faint lines on her brow as she stared into space and cursed Amanda Brown. But then she would
have cursed anyone who dared to topple the empire that had taken her a lifetime to build. No sacrifice
had been too great in the pursuit of her ambitions and now the memory of all she had lost made her
more than bitter.
Despite the anarchy of her thoughts and the jostling commotion of the train's wheels along the track,
Hannah gradually became aware of a sense of anxiety among her two remaining guards. Straining to
interpret their mumbled conversation, she found she could make out their hushed words and began to
feel that perhaps not all was lost….
"Do you think one of us should go and check?"
"Garrety told us to stay here," Kevin Douglas said, asserting his seniority.
"I know, Kev, but he should have been back by now or at least one of them should."
"Stay at your post, Russ." Douglas insisted, utilizing all the influence his burly frame afforded him. "The
last thing we want to do is give that one another chance to escape." He cast a dirty look in Hannah's
direction and she pretended not to notice.
"I suppose you're right," Russ admitted. "We shouldn't worry yet. Chris Garrety never has been one to
run things by-the-book."
"That's an understatement. And as for that woman of his-"
"Miss Brown is a licensed operative, same as us," Russ reminded his friend.
Douglas scoffed. "The day any woman is the same as me is the day hell freezes over."
"You have to admit she's done a good job on this case."
"Dumb luck," Douglas replied. "Not to mention a lot of outside help."
"I don't think you're being fair."
"No? Then where is she? If it weren't for us standing watch, Mr. Pinkerton wouldn't have a prisoner
and we'd have to start this fuss all over again."
Douglas whirled around to find Christopher Garrety standing behind him. Garrety's strikingly
handsome face was contorted with a severe scowl and his thick, dark hair ruffled wildly in the wind as
he glared at them from the open door.
"Chris!" Douglas exclaimed jovially "We were just-"
"So I heard," Garrety interrupted, slamming the door of the baggage car behind him.
"Trouble?" Russ asked, reading Chris' agitated mood.
"Of a sort."
"Oh?" Douglas said inquisitively.
"I need you and Russ to go back to the passenger car and give Mercedes and Eric a hand."
"With what?"
Chris arched one brow in pique. "They'll explain when you get there."
"What about Mrs. Webster?" Russ wondered.
"I'll watch her. Now, move!"
Both men filed out without further objection. Chris watched until he was satisfied they were gone
before he swiftly locked the door and crossed to Hannah's side. He seized her arm and pulled her up
on her feet.
"What are you doing?" she demanded, watching him unlock the shackles around her wrists.
He offered no explanation and violently forced her over to the large sliding door in the side of the car.
"I don't understand."
"You've been temporarily reprieved," Garrety replied snidely.
Chris slid back the door. The wind came pouring in the gaping opening, whipping at their clothes as
the train sped through the darkening countryside.
"No more questions," Chris shouted at her. "Out!"
"No!" she objected. "You must be mad."
"Jump!" he insisted.
Hannah peered out. Up ahead she could see they were coming to a bridge. The pale moonlight glinted
off the turbulent river below. The train began to slow in its approach to the water as it came around a
tight bend and let out a piercing cry. At the same moment, she heard someone struggling with the
locked door.
"Chris. Let us in! Chris!" It was Eric Masterson. Violent pounding began to emanate from the opposite
side of the door, followed by more voices.
Deaf to the pleas of his friends, Chris tightened his grip on Hannah's arm. In disbelief, she looked up
into his hard, expressionless face.
"This is murder," she argued. "You can't kill me."
"I just might if anything happens to Amanda."
"Amanda? Then she's-" A faint smile began to curve Hannah's lips. The sight of it disgusted Chris.
Enraged, he shoved her towards the open door.
"For the last time, jump!" he shouted. However, Mrs. Webster continued to resist him.
The frantic sounds of the others attempting to breech the door had reached the point that Chris was
sure they would break through at any moment. If he was going to go ahead with his plan, this was his
last chance. He took a breath and leaned forward.
Before she knew what was happening, Hannah felt her body go into a freefall. As she tumbled away
from the train beside Christopher Garrety, she caught a glimpse of Eric Masterson and Mercedes
Vasquez as they rushed to the edge of the car and hovered in the open doorway.
Ay, Dios!" Mercedes exclaimed, clutching Eric's arm. "What has he done!"
"The only thing he could," Eric said glumly.
"What are we going to do?" Mercedes pressed as the last glimpse of Chris and Mrs. Webster faded
into the darkness.
Eric turned to Mercedes only offering a grave look before he shouted back to Tucker and Douglas,
"Tell the conductor to stop the train."
"You've got no authority to give orders, Masterson," Douglas complained.
"Stop this train," Eric asserted, "before we lose them completely."
Affronted by Eric's attitude, Douglas was of a mind to argue, but with his usual common sense, Tucker
drew his partner away to locate the conductor. Once they were gone, Eric turned back to stare out
into the murky abyss.
"You're going after them?" Mercedes asked. "Even though Chris told you to stay out of it?"
"A federal prisoner and a rogue agent," Eric explained. "Everyone will be after them. Better if a friend
finds them first."
"Are you certain you can?"
"It seems I'll have to."
" 'Traitor' was very
interesting. The thread of
the 'Baltimore Plot' was
inspired. Good balance
between flashbacks and
present action to make a
very compelling story."
"Never knew about the
attempt to kill President
Lincoln in Baltimore before
he took office. The historical
threads really made me
"Read 'Pink Traitor' in one
night. I didn't want to stop.
History, mystery, romance,
and revenge, this was the
complete package."
"Really liked this book.
Think the whole series
would be a great movie or
tv series too."
Paula B.
Krystal J.
Gina R.
Suzanne T.
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