Ripples in the Stream
ISBN: (13): 9781490335025 / (10): 1490335021
Published: 2013 Innovative Writing Works
Pages: 286
2018 Innovative Writing Works
Discussion Questions
Other Discussion Guides:
1. What was your reaction when you learned Olivia's aunt took Ben away and hid him from her?

2. Do you believe Olivia could really know Ben was her son without "proof"? Did you think Henry
was wrong to be so cautious / angry about accepting Ben as a member of the family? Why?

3. What did you think when you learned of Ruth's affair with Richard Kinsley? Did it change your
perception of her? How? Was she justified in hiding Rachel's paternity from Michael considering his
own deceit?

4. Were you surprised to discover Henry had a "past"? Did his association with a gunslinger like
Ethan Slade alter your feelings about him? If you were Jane, how would you have reacted to Henry's

5. Do you think Jane was right to risk visiting Thomas Mason in jail? Why or why not? Would you
have done the same in her place?

6. If you were Rachel, would you have reacted any differently to the truth about Michael Randolph
or Richard Kinsley?

7. Why do you think Ben and Rachel fall in love? Did you find their affection for each other odd?
Unsettling? Pleasing?

8. How did Ben's past association with the Masons affect your attitude toward him? In your eyes was
he a true hero or was he made heroic by circumstances beyond his control?

9. Did you think Olivia was right to break her word to Ruth and tell Ben the truth about Rachel's

10. Of all the relationships in the novel (romantic, familial, neighbors) which did you most enjoy
reading about or seeing develop?

11. How did reading the story make you feel?

12. Did anything about the story surprise you?

13. Was there anything about the plot or characters you found confusing? Any occurrences you
thought unlikely or unrealistic? Anything you felt seemed especially real or poignant?

14. Did any passage or quote particularly resonate with you or an experience you've had?

15. Were you satisfied with the ending? Did everyone "get what they deserved"? Why or why not?