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Ripples in the Stream
Ripples in the Stream
ISBN: (13):9781490335025 / (10): 1490335021
Published: 2013 Innovative Writing Works
Category: Fiction/Romance/Western/Family Life
Pages: 286
"Didn't want to put it down.
This is good stuff."
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"Shared the book with my
granddaughter and we are
both Copper Creek fans!"
"Good pace. Liked intro of
new characters; kept the
story fresh and interesting."
Pat Z.
Barbara E.
©2017 Innovative Writing Works
Ellen R.
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"My, my…that was fast," Thomas said, when he recognized Henry.
"The sheriff says you wanted to see me?"
Thomas smirked. "I just thought you'd want to see
me…before the news breaks about you."
Henry scowled. "What are you talking about?"
"Are you sure you really want the sheriff to hear?" Thomas teased.
"Mason, I'm getting sick and tired of bothering decent citizens to come back here and listen to
your babbling," the sheriff said.
"Then why don't you go in the front office and take a load off your brains."
Simms took a step forward, in defiance of Thomas' insult.
"It might be better if you go," Henry conceded. "Then we can get this over with."
The sheriff grunted and then stalked away.
"Now," Henry continued, when he and Thomas were alone. "What's this all about?"
"Life and death."
Henry made a face. "Yours or mine?"
"Both," Thomas replied.
"I see."
"No. I don't think you do or you'd be more worried. Jane certainly was when I told her.
Although, that didn't stop her from being stubborn. So, I thought I'd give you the chance to save
"Mr. Mason, I was hoping you had come to see the error of your ways and decided to seek my
spiritual counsel before you go off to meet your punishment. But since that is obviously not the
case, I'll bid you good day."
"Don't act so high and mighty with me, Slade."
Henry paused and looked over his shoulder.
"That's right," Thomas mocked. "I know you're really Ethan Slade. And unless you get me out of
here, everyone else is going to know it too."
Henry turned his back to Thomas.
"You aren't going to deny it?" Thomas pressed. "That'll only waste time neither of us has to
Henry rounded on Thomas. "Jane didn't believe you. Why should anyone else?"
"Because you got sloppy and I've got the proof."
"You're quite wrong, you know."
"I don't think so and unless I'm out of here by Friday morning, I've arranged for the evidence to
be delivered to the proper authorities."
"You've gone to an awful lot of trouble."
Thomas shrugged. "My father always said to be sure and have a little insurance when you dabble
in crime. I had you staked out months ago, when Michael Randolph started complaining you
might be trouble. I thought it couldn't hurt to know my enemies. That way, I'd have plenty of
leverage to get out of a sticky situation. It seems my instincts for self-preservation were right."
"You have been thorough. Except of course for the fact you've got the wrong man."
"I have the right man."
"What makes you so sure?"
"The fact you're still here arguing with me. If you were really the
Reverend Henry Kohl you would
have walked out long ago."
"Maybe my compassion for a lost soul compels me to stay and try to redeem you."
Thomas laughed. "We both know I'm way beyond saving and so are you."
"Fine. Since I can't persuade you otherwise, let's suppose I am this Ethan Slade. What do you
expect me to do?"
"It's simple. You save my neck and I'll save yours."
"I understand that much. But how?"
Thomas clicked his tongue. "A man with your talents shouldn't have to ask."
"I gather you expect me to arrange for Sheriff Simms to meet with an unfortunate accident."
"Something like that."
"Then I can take his keys… unlock your cell and, under the cover of night, you walk out of here
with no one the wiser."
"Exactly! Then I can contact my friends, stop the proof of your past life from ever getting out,
and you can go on masquerading as a man of God in this dirty little hamlet."
"Never!" Henry said.
"Don't you walk out on me, Slade!"
"We don't have any further business."
"I'm not bluffing," Thomas said. "I will destroy you."
Henry moved up to the cell and answered in a severe tone, "I don't like threats, Mr. Mason. And
if you ever try to hurt Jane again, I may just forget my Christian virtues long enough to make you
wish we'd never met." He backed away and started to turn to leave.
"When you're dancing at the end of a rope, just remember I gave you the chance to save
yourself," Thomas rasped.
"Funny," Henry replied. "I could say the same thing to you."
Thomas glared at him and Henry strode away, more anxious than ever to find Jane.
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A stranger's arrival in town that October prompts Olivia to hope all is not lost, when the young man
claims the impossibility of being her son, Ben. His presence soon begins to change the fortunes of
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