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The Mysterious Miner's Legacy
ISBN: (13): 978-1979097239 / (10): 1979097232
ISBN (ebook): 9781370660780
Published: 2017 Innovative Writing Works
Category: Fiction/Romance/Western/Family Life
Pages: 284
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For decades, Copper Creek had been shrouded in legend. Was the friendly Missouri town named for the
stream coursing along its eastern border? Or did its identity originate from nearby copper deposits hidden
long ago by the mysterious miner? Amy Kent knows the truth. But after a twenty-year absence, setting the
record straight about her father's hidden bonanza is the last thing on Amy's mind. Rather, the chance to
punish the men responsible for their bitter exile from Copper Creek has finally given her the courage to
return home and change the town's future forever.

In the spring of 1872, Amy rides into Copper Creek with anger in her heart and deceit upon her lips. In
search of Michael Randolph, she is denied a reunion by his absence on business and decides to wait for his
return. Meanwhile, she faces mounting complications from old friends and new residents alike. But perhaps
the most disturbing obstacle to her plans for revenge is the town's handsome doctor, Luke Owens.
Torn between a private vow and her growing admiration for the rural physician, Amy's dilemma is further
complicated by a longstanding mystery linked to her father's closest friend. But in order to unravel the
secrets of the past and seize her chance at retribution, she'll have to choose between love and hate. Her
decision will irrevocably alter her life by revealing that the mysterious miner's true legacy is more than just a
lost mine of rich copper ore.

A prequel to the
Copper Creek Series of novels, The Mysterious Miner's Legacy, goes back to Copper
Creek's early beginning to tell a tale of heartbreak, faith, courage, and redemption. With insight into the
lives of pivotal characters from the original series and introductions to new members of the town, this novel
adds more depth and color to an already compelling family saga.
The blood staining Daniel Kent's fingertips did not concern him; nor did the relentless ache in his
aging knuckles, as he pounded with hammer and chisel against the unforgiving stone wall. Just a
little longer, he kept telling himself. Almost there….

Each chink of his tools against the rock marked another agonizing second he could not afford to
lose. The cover of night would not last forever and he must be finished before another hour was
through. Just then, a gust of wind carried the scent of rain down the shaft where he was working.
Its perfume renewed his efforts to hurry, as the storm's arrival would help erase any signs of his

With one last determined blow, a hefty chunk of rough-hewn rock laced with rich, russet veins of
copper came loose in his hands. Daniel sighed with relief. He quickly secured this last bit of ore
with the others in his saddlebags, ready to set about carrying out the second part of his plan.
Careful to select the right crevices to place his small cache of dynamite, Daniel set his charges and
then hefted the heavy burden of his hard-earned treasure upon his shoulders to scramble outside.
Setting down his tools on the bare ground, he drew out a box of matches from his filthy coat
pocket and seethed with a sudden burst of resentment.

He could not fathom how he had come to this moment. When he'd stumbled upon this shaft of
high-grade copper ore three years ago, he supposed his grim prospects had taken a turn for the
better. However, time had rapidly disproved that assumption. Each deposit he made at the bank
from sale of the ore came with new interest in his mining operation. Interest fueled by envy and
insatiable greed. Fearful of losing such a windfall to the deceit of others, Daniel had been forced to
engage in some subterfuge of his own. But after the news he'd received today, there was no point
in hoping white lies would protect him any longer. He must bury his mine along with any evidence
the land had been worked.

Clenching his jaw, he struck the match. With a flash of sulfur, light illuminated his lined face and he
knelt to touch the flame to the fuse. But as he stepped back to watch the progress of the racing
spark, his mind struggled to comprehend how a man's good fortune could become such a curse….

A Tragedy from the Past Threatened her Hope for the Future...
Ebook $1.99 / Paperback: $10.95
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