2018 Innovative Writing Works
Discussion Questions
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Crossroads at the Stream
ISBN: (13): 9781492358008 / (10): 1492358002
Published: 2013 Innovative Writing Works
Category: Fiction/Romance/Western/Family Life
Pages: 258
1. Which character did you find the most appealing? Which was the most unappealing? Why?

2. Should Henry have put a stop to counseling Amanda? Was he wrong to indulge her anxieties? Do
you think any of the other characters should have seen through Amanda's charade?

3. Were you sympathetic to Amanda Brown's quest to win back Henry or were you upset she tried to
oust Jane?

4. Do you think if Amanda had been honest with Henry about her identity and her feelings for him up
front it would have made any difference? Would he have left Jane to be with her?

5. On any level do you think Amanda was right about Henry? Did he lead her on?

6. What is it about love that makes some people fall forever (like Amanda) and others changeable
(like Henry). Is it a choice or a twist of fate? Should we trust our happiness to the whims of love?

7. Do you feel Rachel and Ben belong together or should Rachel be with Greg? Explain.

8. Considering all the circumstances, do you think Jane was too forgiving of Amanda for attacking her?
How would you have reacted? Should Amanda have been put in jail?

9. What theories did you develop about Nathan Lawber's character as the story went along? What did
you think he was up to?

10. Was Nathan Lawber's interest in Jane sincere? If she had never met Henry, do you think it possible
Jane could have fallen for Nathan?

11. When Russell's earlier complicity with Nathan's investigation was revealed, how do you think
Henry really felt? Was he too quick to forgive and forget? How would you have handled the situation
in his place?

12. What were your thoughts about Nathan's motives for inviting Amanda to be his partner?
Considering her long obsession, do you think Amanda give up on Henry too easily?
Do you think Amanda will try to get back at Jane and Henry or is she over it?

13. Was there anything about the plot or characters you found confusing? Any occurrences you
thought unlikely or unrealistic? Anything you felt seemed especially real or poignant?

14. Did any passage or quote particularly resonate with you or an experience you've had?

15. What do you think will happen to the town of Copper Creek? Is there really a fortune in valuable
ore buried under the Garrety homestead or not?