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Crossroads at the Stream
"Couldn't wait for this last
installment in the series and
it didn't dissapoint. "
Crossroads at the Stream
ISBN: (13): 9781492358008 / (10): 1492358002
Published: 2013 Innovative Writing Works
Category: Fiction/Romance/Western/Family Life
Pages: 293
"Satisfying ending to a
thoroughly satisfying
Amazon Kindle ebook $2.99
"Wish there was more. I've
become so attached to the
people of Copper Creek."
"Enjoyed 'Crossroads' very
much. Plan to share the
whole series with my book
Barbara E.
Ann R.
©2017 Innovative Writing Works
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Pat Z.
Amanda Brown had only lived in Copper Creek a short time, yet she'd been in love with Reverend
Henry Kohl as long as she could remember. It didn't matter that Henry had forgotten about their past
romance, or that he persistently ignored the obvious signs of her present devotion. The future was all
that mattered to Amanda; her future, as Mrs. Henry Kohl.

The only thing standing in the way of her ambition was Henry's engagement to Jane Randolph. And
Amanda was certain that could be remedied with a simple ultimatum. Either Henry would jilt Jane or
endure the brutal fallout of a nasty scandal. However, personal humiliation quickly becomes the least
of Jane and Henry's worries when the charming stranger Henry's sister befriends becomes the biggest
threat they've ever had to face.

A man of mystery, Nathan Lawber's motives for coming to Copper Creek were as murky as his
identity. His dogged pursuit of the facts pertaining to recent intrigues in town prompts an unlikely
partnership with Amanda, whose eagerness for revenge makes her a willing pawn in Nathan's
dangerous game. Together, they uncover the one secret Jane and Henry vowed they'd never reveal.
Brought to a crossroads by their discovery, they must choose between telling the truth and spreading
more selfish lies to ultimately determine the fate of an entire community.
"How do, Reverend," Edward Hibbert called as Henry entered the post office. "What can I do for
"I just wanted to check if there were any replies to my telegram yet?"
The postmaster nodded his understanding and turned to sort through his box of incoming
messages. Henry waited impatiently, looking up at the clock on the wall behind Mr. Hibbert,
before checking his own watch. Both agreed the time was half past four.
"Is that the correct time?" he asked.
Mr. Hibbert paused in his search to glance behind him. "Close enough," he replied, returning to his
"I'm supposed to meet the afternoon stage," Henry offered. "Olivia and Simon are coming home
today and I don't want to be late."
"I wouldn't worry," Edward offered congenially. "Knowing Hank Wilson you've got plenty of
time….Ah, here we are." He pulled out a small envelope and set it down on the counter in front
of Henry.
"Do I owe you anything, Mr. Hibbert?"
"No. The charges were all taken care of on the other end by a…Mr. Russell Marbry.
"That's Reverend Marbry," Henry corrected, tearing open the envelope.
"Oh? He a colleague of yours?"
Henry quickly scanned the message in his hand and smiled.
"Huh…Oh, yes. Russ and I go way back. In fact, he was my best friend in divinity school and now
he's agreed to come to Copper Creek to perform my wedding ceremony."
"That's wonderful."
"It says he'll be here in two weeks."
"I'm sure Jane will be pleased."
"Yes. Thank you, Mr. Hibbert. I'd better hurry now if I don't want to miss Livy."
After bidding the postmaster farewell, Henry tucked Russell's telegram into his breast pocket and
hurried outside. He had started across the street to the stage office when he heard a familiar voice
call to him from behind. Chagrined by the delay, Henry turned none the less to greet Amanda
"I'm so glad I caught up with you, Reverend," Amanda said. "I came by the church this morning to
see you and when you weren't there…I didn't know what to do."
"I'm sorry," Henry replied. "I was out fishing with Mark Riker. I hope your reason for calling wasn't
"Not urgent, but I…oh, I shouldn't be bothering you with my problems. You've done more than
enough for me already."
"Nonsense. I'm happy to help any way I can. You know that."
Amanda gazed up into his face and nodded meekly. "Then you wouldn't mind coming to the house
for…one of our chats?"
Henry absentmindedly rubbed his jaw. He knew he couldn't spare the time, but he didn't like
refusing her. Since her ordeal, Amanda had become very sensitive. He'd intended to speak to her
anyway to confirm Mark's comments about her behavior. But he knew this wasn't the time.
Neither Jane nor Olivia would forgive him for failing to meet the stage.
"I'd like to, Amanda," he began sympathetically. "But I'm afraid I can't come with you now. My
sister and her husband are coming home this afternoon and I was just on my way to meet them."
"I see," she replied dejectedly.
"But you're welcome to walk along with me and tell me about what's troubling you as we go," he
Amanda brightened at his suggestion and seized his arm as they resumed Henry's course for the
"So, how are you and Mr. Lewis getting along?" Henry asked.
"Well enough."
"And the students. How have they taken to you?"
"Not at all, Reverend. And that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I can't help feeling it was a
mistake for me to rush back into teaching."
"I'd hardly call it rushing. It has been four months," Henry reminded her.
"Yes," she agreed. "But that's hardly any time at all when a trauma…I mean, I still can't forget
what…what happened. Every time I close my eyes I…." Her steps faltered as she bent over to sob.
Henry circled in front of her to help steady her.
"There now," he said consolingly. "Don't take on so. You've been doing so much better and I'm
sure with a little more time you'll start to feel safe again."
"How can I ever feel safe when Sheriff Adams is incapable of tracking down the man who attacked
"He's doing all he can, but I'm afraid with so little information…"
"I told him everything I know," Amanda said defensively. "It was dark and he came at me from
behind. I…I scarcely had time to see anything before….before…."
Henry braced her up. "It's all right, Amanda."
"But no one believes me," she sobbed.
"That isn't so," Henry admonished. "It's just a bit jarring for folks to accept a thing like that could
happen in Copper Creek. "
He could see she was about to protest further so he squeezed her hand and added, "Now, we
won't discuss it any more. But as far as teaching goes, I do wish you'd give it a little longer to work
"I don't know if I can."
"I'm not convinced of that. But in any case, you must find something to engage your mind other
than reliving the past."
"Like what?"
Henry shrugged as his mind searched for an example. "Reading…music…attending a party,
perhaps, or hosting one. I know from experience how consuming that can be. For more than a
week I've been helping to organize a party for my sister tonight and…"
"You have!"
"Yes, and…"
"Why, that sounds splendid," Amanda interrupted. "I'd love to come."
"Oh, Amanda, I don't know…I…." Henry babbled, panicked by her reaction to his incredible gaffe.
"You don't want me to come?"
"No. It isn't that."
"I've always liked your sister. And I would be so grateful for the chance to welcome her home."
"Certainly. But,…"
"I know I haven't been much for social functions lately, but if I knew you were going to be there I
wouldn't have to fret at all."
"And like you say," Amanda continued, ignoring Henry's attempts at refusal. "A party might be just
the thing to lift my spirits."
Utterly defeated, all Henry could do was nod his head. "I'm sure Livy will be delighted to see you."
Amanda clapped her hands together. "Oh, I can't tell you how much better I feel."
"I'm so glad," Henry replied, guiding her onward.
They walked a few more feet before Amanda stopped short and gasped.
"What's wrong?" Henry demanded.
"I can't show up at a party without a gift!" Amanda exclaimed.
"That won't be necessary."
"No. I must get Olivia a wedding present. I'll just run back to Randolph's and see what I can find."
"But…," Henry began. "Amanda. Wait!"
Deaf to his protest, she disappeared amid the scene leaving Henry alone to wonder how he had
managed to get into so much trouble just crossing the street.
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