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The Copper Creek Series
The year is 1880. The dawn of a new century is on the horizon and inventions like the electric light are already changing the
lives of Americans. But nowhere is this more noticeable than in rural communities like Copper Creek, Missouri.

Over the course of a year, new neighbors, old enemies, and unexpected events flood Jane Randolph's hometown, sparking a
series of secret revelations from the past. These revelations soon entwine Jane and her family in a maze of decisions, bringing
them both joy and despair, along with an ever widening circle of friends and a family bond that only grows stronger with time.
The Pinkerton Detective Series
Often referred to as "Pinks", agents of Allan Pinkerton's National Detective Agency didn't allow such derogatory nicknames
to prevent them from "getting their man". Based loosely on the lives and cases of real female Pinkerton operatives, this
series follows new recruit Amanda Brown as she attempts to manage the perils of her professional and private life. Set
during 1881, these three novel consecutively follow one another as Amanda and her fellow agents deal with a mole inside
the agency, combat prejudices, overcome betrayals, find romance and experience some of the most notable moments in
history including the assassination of President Garfield, the search for Billy the Kid, and the plot by Southern patriots to
murder President-elect Lincoln in Baltimore.
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Articles / Extras:
Articles / Extras:
A Tent in the Wind
Trapped in a treacherous web of intrigue, an English nobleman and a gypsy medicine woman come to rely on each other
as Napoleon Bonaparte's loyal followers attempt to free him from exile and turn the fate of the world upside down. In
their attempts to stop this selfish plot, Alec and Kara gradually begin to share a love more perilous than the dangers
surrounding them. So, when a cruel twist of fate unmasks the real traitor in their midst, they must make the ultimate
choice between loyalty and love.