The lives of a gypsy and a gadjo could not mix; for one to love the other was inconceivable,
reckless…deadly. But when a growing conspiracy to free Napoleon Bonaparte instigates a search for
the traitorous Lord Geoffrey DeMane, the temptation of such a forbidden romance becomes an
inescapable reality for a gypsy named, Kara and DeMane's closest friend, Lord Alec Adair.

Destined to become a great
drabarni, Kara knew the banishment that awaited her if she were to
shirk her duty for the wrong sort of man. As Geoffrey DeMane's only hope of survival, Lord Adair's
honor would not permit him to jeopardize the life of his friend for a woman's embrace. Yet, their
ensuing attempts to exonerate DeMane and save a coveted gypsy talisman from Geoffrey's cohorts
quickly fosters a passionate bond between Kara and Alec that cannot be denied.

Faced with betraying their allegiance to others or breaking their own hearts, the impossible choice
before Kara and Alec is further complicated by the threats of numerous enemies determined to
prevent them from unmasking the real traitor in their midst. But when their dangerous struggle for
truth leads to a perilous climax, it is a twist of fate that finally forces them to choose between loyalty
and love or risk losing it all.
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A Tent in the Wind
"I've been a fan of the
Copper Creek Series and
'Tent' is every bit as good.
Wow! I'm really enjoying
this one. What's next?
Barbara E.
In the distance, the sounds of revelry from the wedding feast echoed through the trees. Alec and
Kara stood close beneath a shaft of moonlight, well away from the celebration. As the musicians
continued to play, Kara rested her hand on Alec's shoulder. She closed her eyes and trembled as
he placed his hand against the small of her back. The scent of lavender and summer herbs that
always hung about Kara stirred Alec's senses and he drew her closer.
The first few notes caressed their ears and urged Kara to nestle her face against Alec's. Gently, he
lifted her other hand and laced their fingers together. They began to sway to the music, free at last
to indulge their desire to touch. Kara eagerly leaned in to Alec, ready to follow wherever he led.
Her longing for him only increased as they began moving in the steps of the dance as one.
They slowly moved together, oblivious to anything else until the music came to a crescendo. They
remained locked in an embrace neither wanted to break. Kara could feel Alec's heart beating
beneath Giorgio's thin shirt. She turned her head to look up into his face and his fingers tingled as
the ends of her hair whispered over them. Her nearness filled him with a heady sensation he had
never experienced.
In the dim light, Alec could see her eyes sparkling and he sensed a connection with Kara he had
never shared with anyone before. It grieved him to think she was a gypsy and, worse still, beyond
his reach. Convention, and his friendship with Geoffrey, barred his way to declaring the depth of
his feelings. Yet, those same feelings meant he could not abandon her to Javorka's or Geoffrey's
machinations. He had to warn her. He parted his lips to speak, but the words would not come. He
couldn't bring himself to break the magic of this moment.
Alec drew Kara closer and longingly whispered her name.
"No," she replied, suddenly coming to her senses. She backed away from him, "We should not be
here. Not like this."
"Is one dance such a horrible crime?"
"No. If that were all it was."
Alec remained silent.
"Can you deny it," Kara pressed.
"No." Alec replied. "But I should."
"Because you are afraid of my brother or just ashamed to have wasted any tender feelings on a
filthy gypsy?"
Alec grabbed Kara and shook her. "Don't ever use those vile words again."
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said it," she amended, moved by his impassioned expression, "especially
after what you did for Giorgio."
"I told you it was nothing."
"It was wonderful. Selfless."
Alec smiled. "At first, I thought so too. But now I see how wrong I was."
"Wrong? What do you mean?"
Alec shook his head. "Forget it."
"No. Tell me why you did it."
"Kara, can't you guess?"
She blushed and looked down at the ground.
"I did it for you. I wanted to make you happy."
Kara's eyes began to blur with tears and she turned away from him.
"Are you so afraid of me?" he asked, misunderstanding her tears. He moved behind her and put one
hand on her shoulder.
Kara covered his hand with hers. "Forgive me," she uttered, turning to face him. "I've been such a
Dazzled by the devotion shining in her eyes, Alec was speechless.
"I've tried to fight it too," Kara went on. "But it's no use is it?"
"No," Alec agreed.
"What are we going to do?" Kara asked.
"I don't know. I know I can't have you, but I can't bear to lose you either."
"Alec…." She reached out to caress his face.
"All I can do is try to protect you," he said, grasping her hand and drawing her fingers down to his
"The dangers of loving a
gadjo are nothing new to me," Kara teased.
Alec shook his head. "You don't understand. There's more at stake than others disapproval of our
feelings. Kara, you may be in jeopardy of…" But before Alec could say another word, Geoffrey
DeMane appeared from nowhere and shoved him aside.
"Come with me, friend." Geoffrey demanded, grabbing Alec's arm. "Now!"
Afraid for Alec, Kara thought she should go after them. But before she could, the sound of a grim
voice stopped her.
"Kara," Javorka said. "I think it's time we had a talk."
Recognizing that look of disapproval in her grandmother's face, Kara knew there was no point in
resisting. Alec would have to fend for himself and so would she.
"Good mix of mystery,
romance and history.
Very engrossing plot."
"Not my usual genre, but
this one made me a fan.
I really liked it."
"Interesting threads of
gypsy culture with a
compelling story."
Denise Y.
Pat Z.
Libby H.
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