A Pink Lady
ISBN: (13): 9781503274440 / (10): 1518753590
Published: 2014 Innovative Writing Works
Category: Fiction/Mystery& Detective/Women Sleuths
Pages: 278
In the spring of 1881, the United States was on the cusp of a national tragedy. For months, factions of
the Republican Party had been locked in an escalating tug of war, exacerbated by the surprise election
of James A. Garfield as President. Contentious appointment hearings, political backbiting, and scandal
were nothing new. But to the impressionable mind of an unbalanced observer named Charles
Guiteau, there seemed only one way to relieve the tensions mounting in Washington D.C.- remove
the man at the center of the controversy.

In May, just one month before Guiteau's first attempt on the President's life, a lone woman was tasked
with rooting out the threat to Garfield and his administration. Newly inducted into Allan Pinkerton's
Female Detective's Bureau, Amanda Brown was a fugitive from an unhappy past. She'd fled her small,
rural town on the promise that Pinkerton Agent, Christopher Garrety, would make her his partner
and perhaps something more. But when complications of big city life and romance intervene, Amanda
discovers that being a "detective" is nothing like she expected.

Oblivious to the storm gathering around the White House, Amanda arrives in the nation's capitol only
to discover her first assignment is far from routine. Swept into a dangerous game of espionage,
Amanda must untangle a deceptive web of intrigue to unmask the true mastermind behind this
political power play and save the man she loves before disaster strikes.
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A Pink Lady
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Barbara E.
At nine twenty-five, the White House carriage pulled up outside the train station on Sixth Street.
President Garfield and the First Lady stepped down onto the sidewalk. Still frail and terribly thin
from her recent illness, Lucretia Garfield clung to her husband's arm as he escorted her inside.
They proceeded through the waiting room, stopping briefly to exchange a few words with
politicians who'd come to see them off.
The excitement of their arrival sent a buzz humming through the station. Chris and Amanda rushed
into the frenzy to scan the faces of well-wishers. Surprisingly, Guiteau was not among them. Still
concerned, they continued to follow the Garfields. As they approached the platform to meet their
train for Long Branch, New Jersey, the crowd around them diminished finally allowing Amanda to
spot a curious little man.
"Chris," Amanda whispered, clutching his arm. "That's him."
She pointed across the room where Charles Guiteau stood some ten feet away beside an open
window. He seemed engrossed in observing the Garfields' every move. Whenever the President
moved, so did Guiteau. But he always kept his distance, never coming too close, so as to risk
falling under the First Couple's notice.
Finally, the piercing sound of a whistle announced the arrival of the Garfields' train. Guiteau
slipped one hand inside his pocket and kept it there, as he closed the space between him and the
"Chris!" Amanda warned, prompting him to do something.
Already on his way, Chris circled around, leaving Amanda alone to watch Guiteau move up behind
President Garfield, his hand still clutching something inside his pocket. Slowly, he moved his arm
until the familiar gleam of the Bulldog pistol she'd seen him practicing with appeared.
Amanda's breath caught in her throat. The approaching train screamed again and a dense cloud of
smoke enveloped the scene, obscuring the President and Guiteau from view. Certain of the
inevitable outcome, Amanda shouted and rushed forward. A small number of concerned citizens
followed in her wake. When the smoke lifted, she stopped abruptly at the incomprehensible sight
of both Mr. and Mrs. Garfield climbing aboard the train, unharmed, without the slightest trace of
Charles Guiteau or Christopher Garrety anywhere.
"A little bit of everything
here. Look forward to the
next in the series."
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